Testosterone Suspension Pure Testosterone Powder

Titulo: Testosterone Suspension Pure Testosterone Powder


Testosterone Suspension Pure Testosterone Powder

Please contact the seller for more details (email: lisa@pharmade.com).

Testosterone Suspension
pure testosterone
raw testosterone powder

Testosterone Suspension is a pure testosterone.

Testosterone Suspension is the only ester free testosterone available, meaning the entire mass of the compound is 100% testosterone.

Testosterone-Suspension is an aqueous solution, meaning it is suspended in water, whereas all other testosterone forms are suspended in oil.

Due to the nature of this compounds existence injections of Testosterone-Suspension can be rather painful, for some so painful that use is impossible and it is because of this the strong majority will never use this testosterone.

The majority of Testosterone-Suspension users will be long standing anabolic steroid users and generally of a performance enhancing nature as it does not provide a distinct advantage in the treatment of low testosterone or for most average gym rats. Even so, Testosterone-Suspension remains the most powerful of all testosterone forms; no, the hormone itself is not altered but by way of its existence it packs a little more punch.

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1. Please contact the sales to discuss the order details. Email: lisa@pharmade.com

2. All orders will be arranged for shipping within 24 hours after confirmation except at weekends and on national holidays when people are off work.

3. Stealth package is offered for safe shipping and it takes about 3-7 days to arrive in most countries and regions by express courier.

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