Methyltestosterone Oral Testosterone Hormone

Titulo: Methyltestosterone Oral Testosterone Hormone


Methyltestosterone Oral Testosterone Hormone

Methyltestosterone is an oral testosterone hormone, the first oral testosterone preparation. Methyltestosterone is considered one of the more controversial testosterone medications in traditional medicine. Methyltestosterone is one of the more unique testosterone compounds on the market.

In a therapeutic setting, standard male Methyltestosterone doses will fall in the 10-40mg per day range. Female Methyltestosterone doses will be a little different than male plans and in no case is there any recommended female performance level plan. In a therapeutic setting, 2.5mg per day along with esterified estrogen is standard.

Basic information of Methyltestosterone:
Molecular formula: C20H30O2
Molecular weight: 302.45
EINECS No.: 200-366-3
Melting point: 162-168 (lit.)
Appearance : white crystalline powder
CAS No.:58-18-4
Assay: 99%
Package: stealth package
Delivery: Express courier.

·Payment options: Western Union, MoneyGram, Bitcoin, Bank Transfer
·Shipping leading time: within 24 hours after receiving the payment except on holidays
·Delivery: stealth package by express courier

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