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Quick Details:
CAS No: 84650-60-2
Molecular Formula: C17H19N3O
Molecular Weight: 281.36
Particle Size: 80 mesh
Appearance: Yellow to Brown Powder

Green Tea Extract Profile:
When combined with caffeine, green tea promotes natural thermogenesis. This combination works as caffeine increases noradrenaline levels while the green tea inhibits enzymes that break down noradrenaline. This combination is much more effective in caffeine-naïve individuals.

Green Tea Extract Benefits:
*Body Composition
Human studies show that this supplement is able to help you manage your body composition whether you exercise or not. However, results are much greater when it is paired with a fitness regimen. This product can also promote your endurance, allowing you to exercise longer.

*Nootropic Benefits
In one animal study, green tea extract was able to supplement learning and memory. Green tea can also benefit cognition via its relaxation promoting benefits.

Green Tea Extract Dosage:
The recommended dosage is 350mg per day. This is equal to a 1/8 tsp scoop.

What is EGCG?
EGCG is the most active polyphenol in this extract—it is also the most studied. The polyphenols found in in this plant are powerful aids to cellular health, potentially even more so than Vitamin C. The polyphenols are able to neutralize free radicals which can supplement cellular health and promote longevity. The polyphenol content is what gives this powder its bitter taste.

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